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About the Center

It is the mission of the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice to support and promote a reoriented national preparedness to foster the development and the adjustment of children with or at risk of developing serious emotional disturbance. To achieve that goal, the Center is dedicated to a policy of collaboration at Federal, state, and local levels that contributes to and facilitates the production, exchange, and use of knowledge about effective practices.

Organizations We Work With

The Center is collaborating with a number of Strategic Partners clearinghouses, national membership associations, regional resource centers, and other family and education groups to identify and disseminate information on effective practices. Contact information and program descriptions are available for strategic partner organizations.

People We Work With

The Center's Research Fellows nationally recognized experts on children and youth with emotional and behavioral problems are collaborating with the Center as web resources for information on their area of expertise. Contact information, including areas of expertise, are available for the research fellows.

Expert Practitioners are nationally recognized professionals from a wide variety of fields, who will help the Center to align diverse perspectives, to identify and share new forms of practice-generated knowledge, and to ensure that Center products are consistent with practice needs and experience. Contact information, including areas of expertise, are available for the expert practitioners.

The Center will draw on its Family Panel, made up of leaders of national and state-wide family organizations to reduce the gaps between researchers, practitioners, and the consumers of service, and to ensure that Center products build upon the expertise of, are useful to, and are useable by all families. Contact information, including areas of expertise, are available for the family panel members.

Places To Learn From

Our Greenhouses and Nurseries innovative programs where "seeds" of effective practice are sprouting and growing will help the Center learn about information needs and promising approaches. The "Nurseries" are new programs with lots of potential, while the effectiveness of "Greenhouse" programs has been proven over time. Contact information, program descriptions, and outcome data are available for greenhouses and nurseries