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Cultural Competence Resources

    This is a list of resources that provide more information about cultural competence.   Included are organizations, general information, training workshops and conferencespolicy resources, and implementation resources.  Also available is a calendar of upcoming cultural competence events.   Our resources page is constantly growing.  If there are resources not listed here, please send us an email with the web address (if applicable), contact information, and a brief description of each and we will gladly include them.   

Organizations Addressing Cultural Competence

Organization Bendheim-Thomas Center for Research on Child Wellbeing
Organization Brown and Associates-Diversity Management
P.O. Box 44041
Tucson, AZ 85733
(520) 741-9954
Contact person: Bea Brown
Organization Beuno Center
Organization Center on Minority Research in Special Education
Organization Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk
This organization also provides online publications
Organization Child & Family Services Branch
North Carolina Department of Mental Health
(919) 733-0598
Contact person: Thealita Monroe, M.Ed.
Organization Coalition for Hispanic Family Services
(718) 497-6090
Contact person: Denise Rosario, MSW
Organization Conciliation Court of Pima County-Cultural Simulations
32 N Stone., STE 1704
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 740-5590
Organization Council of Latino Agencies
Organization Department of Human Services
Broward County ADA Services Division
(305) 831-1547
Contact person: Brenda Lyles, PhD
Organization Diversity Rx
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1) online publications
Organization Division of Children, Adolescents, & their Families
South Carolina Department of Mental Health
Contact person: Jerome Hanley, PhD
Organization Fiesta Educativa
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1) advocacy/empowerment training
Organization Edge Associates
Contact person: Earl Braxton
Organization General Counsel for the Black Congress on Health, Law, & Economics
(202) 347-7000
Contact person: Derrick Humphries
Organization Indian Health Services
**This organization also provides the following resources: 1) training, 2) direct services, 3) downloadable publications
Organization JTR & Associates
(408) 281-3346
Contact person: Josie T. Romero
Organization Kaleidoscope
(773) 278-7200 ext. 297
Contact person: Karl Dennis
Organization Mental Health, Mental Retardation Authority of Harris
(713) 970-7155
Contact person: Regina Hicks, PhD
Organization Mental Health Program
Hamilton Madison House
(212) 720-4522
Contact person: Susan Chan
Organization National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1)Online Publications  2)Online Databases
Organization National Indian Child Welfare Association
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1) Online product catalogue
Organization Nanitch Sahallie Youth Residential Treatment Program
(615) 227-1115
Contact person: Sharon Shaw Ed.D.
Organization Office of Special Education Programs
Organization Parents for Behaviorally Different Children
Contact person: Delfy Pena Roach
Organization Pittsburg Public Schools
Contact person: Bernie Manning, PhD
Organization Progressive Life Center
(202) 842-4570
Contact person: Frederick Phillips, Psy.D
Organization Southern California Indian Center
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1) direct services
Organization National Resource Network for Child & Family
Mental Health Services
(215) 468-4751
Contact person: Mike Lewis

Information on Cultural Competence

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Organization Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  Cultural Competence Page: The Center for Children with Special Needs
This organization also provides downloadable publications
Organization National Parent Information Network
Organization Office of Minority Health Resource Center
*This organization also provides the following resources: 1) technical assistance 2) online publications 3) downloadable publications 4) events calendar 5) implementation resources 6) policy resources
Organization Office of Minority Women’s Health
Organization PACER Center
  Cultural Competence Page: The Multicultural Project
Organization Research and Training Center on Family Support & Children’s Mental Health
  Cultural Competence Page: Multicultural Perspectives of Empowerment

Cultural Competence Training Programs and Conferences

Organization National Alliance for Hispanic Health
  Cultural Competence Page: Training
Organization Department of Child & Family Studies, University of South Florida
Organization Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
  Cultural Competence Page: 10th Annual Conference Celebration
Organization National Education Services
Organization National Indian Child Welfare Association
  Cultural Competence Page: Conferences and Workshops
Organization National Parent Information Network
  Cultural Competence Page: Parent to Parent Conference
Organization National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice
  Cultural Competence Page: Training Services
Organization Office of Multicultural Services, California Department of Mental Health

Policy Related Resources

Organization Knowledge Exchange Network
  Cultural Competence Page: Factsheet
Organization The Mental Health Program at the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education
  Cultural Competence Page: Cultural Competence Standards in Managed Health Care

Implementation Related Resources

Organization The Alliance Project
Organization Early Childhood Research Institute on Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services
Organization National Multicultural Institute
Organization Georgetown University Child Development Center
  Cultural Competence Page: Maternal and Child Health National Center for Cultural Competence
*This organization also provides technical assistance & policy assistance

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