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Juvenile Justice. Please feel free to download the following items
These seven juvenile justice monographs are a joint product of the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice and EDJJ, The National Center on Education, Disability, andGet Acrobat Juvenile Justice (www.edjj.org).  

Addressing Invisible Barriers: Improving Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities In the Juvenile Justice System

Advocating For Children with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System
Collaboration in the Juvenile Justice System and Youth Serving Agencies: Improving Prevention, Providing Efficient Services, and Reducing Recidivism for Youth Disabilities 
Corrections and Juvenile Justice, Current Education Practice for Youth with Learning and Other Disabilities
Best Practices for Serving Court Involved Youth with Learning, Attention and Behavioral Disabilities
Youth with Disabilities in the Correctional System: Prevalence Rates and Identification Issues
The Role of Recreation in Preventing Youth With Disabilities From Coming Into Contact With the Juvenile Justice System and Preventing Recidivism