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Welcome to the Mental Health issue area on the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice's web site. Compilation for this issues area is not yet complete. There are, however, several active links on this page. Check back often for updates!

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Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health
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"Despite unprecedented knowledge gained in just the past three decades about the brain and human behavior, mental health is often an afterthought and illnesses of the mind remain shrouded in fear and misunderstanding.  
This seminal report provides us with an opportunity to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding mental illness. For too long the fear of mental illness has been profoundly destructive to people's lives. In fact mental illnesses are just as real as other illnesses, and they are like other illnesses in most ways. Yet fear and stigma persist, resulting in lost opportunities for individuals to seek treatment and improve or recover."  
National Action Agenda for Children's Mental Health (by the Assistant Secretary for Health and the Surgeon General 2001)  
This document outlines goals and strategies to improve the services for children and adolescents with mental health problems and their families. According to the report, the nation is facing a public crisis in mental health for children and adolescents.