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Welcome to the Center's page of links -- a growing collection of resources on issues of emotional and behavioral problems in children and youth. Below you will find a "jump-list" of topics. Selecting a topic will take you to a list of links on that topic. Every links page will have this jump-list, so you don't have to come back here each time you want to try a new topic. If you do want to get back to this page, select "BACK TO LINKS MENU" at the bottom of each page.

We've tried to find as many resources as possible, ranging from fact sheets and articles to on-line journals and databases. If you would like to suggest a site, please E-mail the web address to us. Please note that the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice does not endorse commercial sites. However, we recognize that many commercial sites have information that may be useful to our visitors. By providing a link to commercial sites, we intend only to provide our visitors with access to information, and not to endorse the product or service of the site.

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