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Teaching and Working With Children Who Have Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
Author(s): Beth DeHaven Bader, M.S.
Catherine C. Hoffman, A.B.
Cynthia L. Warger, Ph.D.
David Osher, Ph.D.
Mary Magee Quinn, Ph.D.
Tom V. Hanley, Ed.D.
Pages: 92
Grade Level: Grades K-12
Audience: General education teacher, Special education teacher, Administrator, School psychologist, School counselor
Categories: Behavior Management
ISBN: 1-57035-308-5
Product Code: W148AIR Price: $10.00

This comprehensive resource—based on research funded by the U.S. Department of Education—is one you will want to keep within easy reach and refer to often. It is designed to help you educate students with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Parents can also use this guidebook to learn how to address their children’s needs and to work effectively with the educators in their children’s lives.

The guidebook’s easy-to-read format and straightforward approach make it easy to learn about such topics as:

  • How to meet the provisions of IDEA ’97
  • Causes of emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • What you need to know about students who take medication
  • How to build a positive classroom climate
  • Ways to manage aggressive behavior
  • Components of effective alternative settings
  • When to utilize school-based supports
  • How to work in collaboration with families

You will find the lists of organizations, state special education offices, state children’s mental health departments, and other resources to be invaluable.

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