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Beth Dague
Community Based Systems
6729 Thornwood Ave, NW
Canton, OH 44718
Phone: 330-966-6884
FAX: 330-966-6885
E-mail: bdague@aol.com

  • Consultation on developmental stages in building community collaborative infrastructures
  • Consultation on pooled funding across systems
  • Training/consultation on meaningful parent partnerships
  • Consultation on community assessment and community capacity building

Mary Jo Dare
Indianapolis Public Schools Education Services Center
120 East Walnut Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-226-4575
FAX: 317-226-4509
E-mail: mdare@ips.k12.in.us

  • developing unique programs for youth people with challenging behaviors, including community programs, wraparound services, extended school year, community art, etc. 

Cliff Davis
Human Services Collaborative
10800 Springwater Drive
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
Phone: 740-397-1915
FAX: 740-397-1916
E-mail: CLIFFD1030@AOL.COM

  • building integrated systems and practice at the community and state levels
  • utilizing managed care tools to meet system of care goals
  • creating functional linkages between families and the categorical system partners

Shelly Davis
Davis School District
Special Education
45 East State Street
Farmington, UT 84025
Phone: 801-451-1169
FAX: 801-451-1189
E-mail: sdavis@annex.dist.davis.k12.ut.us

  • legal issues
  • severe behavior disorders
  • student programming


Joan Dodge
Natioanl Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health
3307 M Street NW
Suite 401
Washington, DC 20007-3935
Phone: 202-687-5054
FAX: 202-687-1954
E-mail: dodgej@gunet.georgetown.edu

  • development of state and local systems of care for children and adolescents with, or at risk for mental, emotional and behavioral problems and their families.
  • targeting technical assistance to states to assist them with local systems development
  • focusing on prevention and early intervention systems for young children at-risk and their families
  • relationship between local and state public systems (mental health, education, health, juvenile justice, child welfare) for children
  • interfaces between juvenile justice and mental health
  • State Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) and mental health service delivery issues.

Carrie Eidson
Meramec Valley Community School
413 W. Union
Pacific, MO 63069
Phone: 314-372-2454
FAX: 314-271-1463
E-mail: CBEidson@hotmail.com

  • consulting for developing alternative secondary schools utilizing the accelerated schools philosophy and caring community philosophy
    consulting for developing a caring and nurturing environment with appropriate cognitive learning style instructional techniques for the at-risk students.

Frank Fecser
Positive Education Program
3100 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: 216-331-9391
FAX: 216-331-3172
E-mail: fecser@pepcleve.org
Website: http://pepcleve.org

  • life space crisis intervention - intervention for children and youth in crisis
  • re-education - working with SED children and youth in an ecological, classroom-based setting

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