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LAST UPDATED: December 20, 2007

The Prospectors are a group of specialists and national experts who, in the course of their work, are in and out of schools, programs and communities across the nation. They employ a common protocol to identify promising programs and practices. View reports from our Prospectors.

You too can be a Prospector! We are eager to hear from anyone who knows of such programs or projects. If you know of a success story, please share it with us. Just fill out the Prospector Protocol and send it to us by e-mail, fax, or postal service. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your help spreading the news, which we will pass on to other members of our Center team!



Karl Dennis

Kaleidoscope Inc

Jodi Gorham

Gladwin, MI

Krista Kutash

Research & Training Center for Children's Mental Health

DeAnn Lechtenberger

Texas Integrated Funding Initiative

Angela Nelson

Kaleidoscope, Inc.

William Pfohl, Jr.

National Association of School Psychologists

Kathy Potter

Kaleidoscope, Inc.

Hubert Sapp

Oxfam America

Jane Sapp

Center for Culture and Community Development

Carl Smith

Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center

John VanDenBerg

The Community Partnership Group

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